The 2020 season will soon be underway, and though perhaps slightly less than last year, there will be significant miles travelled for all involved. We spoke to technician for the Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team, Matt Lloyd on his most recent season in numbers.

From the Qatar season opener in March to the Valencia finale, Matt travelled to 19 MotoGP events in 2019 to ensure rider Franco Morbidelli’s bike would be in tip-top condition for his second season in premier class, World Championship racing.

But like any job in MotoGP, it requires a lot of travelling. For the England-based technician, the miles travelled over those eight months alone totalled 113,328, or 182,383km – that’s nearly five times around the world or half way to the moon.

So how long does it take to rack up these miles? For Matt, his 56 flights combined with 2 Eurostars meant that he spent the equivalent of 10.5 days in transit, or 252 hours to be precise. And while just over 10 days were spent travelling (though not consecutively), many nights were spent away from home. In fact, Matt spent exactly 146 nights in hotels.

Over the course of the season, he visited 22 airports in 15 countries, using 10 different currencies – including the Argentine Peso, Czech Koruna and Malaysian Ringgit. Spending most time on Embraer 175 and Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, his most used airlines were KLM and British Airways.

The shortest flight was from Humberside Airport to Amsterdam Schipol Airport in the Netherlands, while the longest was from London Heathrow to Narita International Airport in Japan.

Will these stats be different in 2020? Maybe slightly, but MotoGP say that most races will still go ahead, just with a slightly updated calendar.