Joan Mir has scored more points than anyone in the last four races and now is just four points from the top of the overall standings. Could another Spaniard take the crown?

Jerrel Feller: If the season continues like this, I think Joan Mir will be world champion. Vinales. Dovi and Quartararo are super inconsistent. While Mir is almost always top 4

João Gameiro: Mir is showing an amazing consistency, almost always top-5! In a year where consistency will be the key to be world champion, he is a name to consider!

Milez Añasco: Not gonna lie, Mir’s spectacular performance and late race pushes from the past 2 races in Misano really amazed me. One to watch out for these coming races.

Julien Tarlet: Mir’s probably riding the best balanced bike of the grid, he is very good at overtaking riders and the momentum is with him, he’s starting to look like this season’s darkhorse. Now if he could qualify better, he would really be the favourite.

Rudoski: Mir’s speed and consistency are amazing considering his lack of experience. He only started GPs in 2016, dominating the Moto3 championship at his second attempt, then a year in Moto2 and into MotoGP last season. Compare that to Dovizioso, who’s been in GPs since 2002, Viñales who’s been around since 2011 and Quartararo who started one year earlier in 2015.

Tom Grant: Out of all the riders at the moment, I think Mir deserves it the most he’s becoming very consistent and seems to want it more.

Mike Harmans: Would be fitting to see Suzuki win the championship on their 100 year anniversary. They certainly are serious contenders.

But “unemployed” Andrea Dovizioso currently leads the standings, having overtaken Fabio Quartararo in recent weeks. Is he deserving of finally breaking the second-place curse?

Choku Grande: It seems this Championship season is for #Dovi04. At the end of the day, he still holds the Championship lead.

Ady Drury: Lol. When all you want to do is make Ducati suffer for how you have been treated and however hard you try not to win, you still end up at the top of the championship….. Just about sums up 2020. ?

Mathew Giang Aliw: Not a regular podium finisher yet a championship point leader.. unemployed masterclass ?

Nio Anapofasistos: He is still the best of the rest, salvaging whatever points. Misano is over, Ducati has really strong tracks coming, so he has the best chances of all to win it this year. Have to be careful of Mir and the KTMs though

Nikos Bagourakousi: He deserves one championship. Especially for 2017…

Laurens Smit: I was so hoping that Dovi could grab the bull by the horns and make this his year. But to date he’s been disappointing me

Javier Castro: Dovi is playing it way to safe. This is his opportunity. It’s now or never. If he does not get the championship this year without MM then he just blew it.

Chris Harris: Would be nice to see dovi take it, like pedrosa, a brilliant rider but always the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Brian Taylor: Needs to EARN this championship, not capitalize on others’ misfortunes. So what if you’re out in 2021, at least go out in a blaze of glory. Catalunya’s next, that’s a Ducati track all the way. Come on, man, people are rooting for you.

Meanwhile many MotoGP fans have high hopes for Frenchman Fabio – the only rider to have taken two race wins so far. After a crash and penalty in Misano, are those hopes slipping?

Adrian David: Love Quartararo, but he needs to relax and temperate!!! Championship is won by consistency!!! He just loses his mind when things don’t go his way!

Andy Forman: Fabio isn’t too happy this year now it’s gone a bit pear shaped. Riders will always push the boundaries. If you’re caught, accept it and move on. I think he thought it was going to be a walk in the park this year but it’s gone wrong somewhere, shame but that’s racing.

Rob Bie Garcia: Fabio will be back stronger in the next race for sure ????

Evandro Guarizzo: Focus on the race Fábio, I want to see you win

Peter Ng: Hi Fabio, remember the time you was so close yet so far in winning a race last season? Good. Use that feeling to win your next race. No need to panic.

Floriane Pcrst: You never lose, you learn and how many great champions before Fabio have made mistakes also? Sometimes you have to agree to fall behind to win ? We’re all behind you ????

Lyo Phyliser: How many times has Marquez fallen? That didn’t stop him from winning multiple titles! Don’t doubt!

John Bullard: This is going to come down to Joan, Pecco, or Fabio. The kids are taking over. And it is great.

Finally, how is the grid shaping up without 8-time World Champion, Marc Marquez?

Gary Ford: I’m a MotoGP fan and while I agree MM93 is the best in this era, this season has seen some of the best racing for years

Chris Warne: It’s good to see all the other riders doing well but let’s face it, when Marc comes back they will all be put back in line!?

Mia Moore: I think they are all trying their best NOT to win the title ?

Sentinungsang Imsong: Marc Marquez: Guys, I am bored of winning. One of you take the championship this year. Rest of the MotoGP riders: Nah… we’re good, Marc. You come back from your injury, and take your championship.

Laurens Smit: If MM93 had not hurt himself, this year would have been done and dusted. Even though he is always way ahead, at least he shows us some racing skills. Come back Champ we need someone that wants to win.

John Treggalles: Anyone else get the feeling that if someone doesn’t pull out a decent lead soon then Marc Marquez will come back and still win it?

Lesley Richardson: Marc may be brilliant but it’s boring. These races have been fantastic and without your crystal ball, we will never know if it would have been any different. Give the rest of the pack respect

Henry A Rivas: I think that in this shortened season, the smart money should be on the rider that quietly keeps racking up the points. The banzai, go for the win every race mentality is only going to get you hurt without enough time to recover. The fact that we have seen so many different winners only means that every point will count.

Roslan Abd Rashid: This season so face new rider in podium..interesting … ?

Chris Harris: This seasons been brilliant without Marquez, he’s just so far ahead of the rest of the riders in MotoGP that it makes the racing boring, his talent somewhat ruins the sport… who knew being too good was a bad thing ??