Hannah, UK

MotoGP is our thing! We have never missed a Silverstone race in 15 years and that’s where hubby proposed to me, in a very muddy drunk woodlands campsite field! We had riders and teams as wedding table names, our cake topper was in full leathers. My son had a limited edition VR46 bike before he was born, his middle name is after a British rider.


Tom, USA

motogp fandom

I love watching the riders work their way up from Moto3 to Moto2 and then to premier bikes in MotoGP. When you pick a Moto3 rider, see their talent and really get behind them to make it all the way to the top bikes. Lately I have been Alex Marquez’s biggest fan. Getting to follow him. When he got a dog (Stitch), I had shirts made with Stitch Marquez as if he was a rider and gave Alex and his team shirts at a race in Texas.


Carl, Canada

I recently got fired from my job because I used company internet to watch MotoGP on the weekends that I worked,, I couldn’t wait until I got home because of all the suspense in all 3 categories… Yes it was stupid…


Louie, UK

The passion in the Shand household for MotoGP is incomprehensible. Our family has spent decades watching but for me it’s the relationship and excitement that me and my Dad share every time a race starts. A few memories are my Mum crying over Rossi losing in 2015, my Dads Rossi tattoo, seeing the excitement each month when he gets to build his own Rossi bike and of course screaming at the TV for Dovi to win the Austrian GP.


Jade, Australia

motogp fandom

I watch every session from press conference, everything in between to post race interviews. So passionate am I, that I have the motogp logo as a tattoo. Living in Australia means we only get one race to visit. It is my annual pilgrimage to go to Phillip Island and I plan 12 months ahead. I have a tattoo of the Phillip Island circuit too! I am a 43 year old mum with 3 small kids….. sharing and teaching them to live the dream of motogp!


Fabian, Columbia

Traveling from Bogota, Colombia, to New York, and driving to Indianapolis to see the qualifications on Saturday, the races on Sunday and returned to New York the same day? It was not easy, but it was achieved!


Amanda, USA

I first witnessed MotoGP in Austin TX 2013. I have followed ever since! I arrive at the track EVERY YEAR at 4am till doors open at 830am. I go straight to wait in line for autograph session from 830am-330pm on Friday, and do not leave until 6pm! I then start the rest of the weekend at 4am at the gates ready for my all-time favorite event of the year! MotoGP has changed my life! I love it more than anything in the world, it truly is my passion!


Ryan, UK

motogp fandom

I’m a huge MotoGP fan and collect everything to do with it, so much so it’s taken over a whole wall! I have signed sliders, photos, caps and replica helmets! All collected at GPs. My wardrobe is also MotoGP merch much to the dismay of my girlfriend which has earned me the nickname “no room” with my friends. I attended my first MotoGP at Silverstone in 2013 and have been every year since! It doesn’t matter if there’s a special occasion you’ll still find me watching the race wherever I am, just ask my mum about her 50th!