In a tough maiden season with Honda, Lorenzo has been completely honest about the difficulties he’s faced. The three-time premier champion has finished towards the back of the grid since a four-race absence in June, after fracturing his back during an Assen practice session.

But many fans still rooted for number 99 despite his performance, and said his place in the 2020 Grand Prix was well-earned. Before the announcement, fans were divided over whether he could recover and return to his former greatness.

Trevor Olsen “I would love to see 99 back at the front.”

DJ Christian Demiar Candaleza “I understand Jorge’s struggle. We will just continue to cheer for him since we all know that he did everything to improve.”

Dave Singh “Never give up my friend, keep going. Just because you didn’t have a good season doesn’t make it bad. Have fun and just ride..???”

Anjo Cabrera “I do believe for JL that he can win another championship title. Remember we never knew that marquez can comeback and win another championship title after his shoulder injury.”

With previous injuries, Lorenzo has shown significant resilience but many felt that regardless of this, the Honda bike should be given to someone new.

Michael Lynn “I’m sorry but I can’t justify Lorenzo staying at Honda. It’s not like he’s just off Marquez pace, he finished over a minute behind and was close to facing being lapped. He’s regularly over 2 seconds a lap slower than the top five.”

Marius Botha “he came to honda with some lingering injuries, but it just got worse and worse for him. at this stage, i personally think that he does not have the confidence to ride the honda to it’s full potential.”

Graeme Cox “There is no way he’ll match the performance of fresh new blood riders that are coming through.”

Meanwhile others respected how far he has come but agreed it’s time to throw in the towel.

Frank Forsythe “my thoughts are JL is just not there anymore.. give it up man and pass that ride to someone else.”

Tanis Diana “JL99 you’ve been an awesome pilot but you have to stop when it’s the good time, don’t do another catastrophic season.”

Yolanda Robertson “I love JL99 but I feel after so many accidents he’s lost his nerve! It’s sad in a way but it’s up to him to either get on his bike or ride off with some dignity! ??”

After the announcement that the final 2019 race would be his last, fans took to social media to reflect on his MotoGP™ journey, and thank him for the memories.

Gaz Lewis “Real shame to see him leave this way, but what a legend, and he looked so relieved to have said it out loud to the press. Fair play to him, nothing to be ashamed of! Respect Jorge! #99”

Caroline Cowan “Gutted. Whatever other MotoGP™ fans think of him, he knew how to ride that Yamaha, and at the end of his second year on the Ducati, he had mastered that. I for one feel sad about the news. I’ve missed him being competitive but health comes first.”

Sandra Parsons “JL, you are one of the greats!!! It’s been a pleasure to watch your beautiful riding style and an inspiration to watch your sheer determination and strength!!! Although it’s sad to see you hang up your leathers, it’s the right decision for you.”

Ian McCall “Fair play, he has been a great ambassador for Moto GP and his body has the scars to prove it , it’s been a pleasure to watch you Jorge!”

We have to agree, and will remember the highlights fondly – thank you Jorge.