Have you been lucky enough to see the pre-race Rossi ritual up close and personal? Italian Giuseppe, was ecstatic to get on the grid at Assen and experience first-hand the charm of MotoGP behind the scenes.


Gaining access to restricted areas, Guiseppe strolled through the trucks and watched the riders move from their motorhomes to the garages. But most exciting for the Rossi superfan, was watching his MotoGP hero prepare for the race.


As in every race, Rossi walked to his bike, stopping just a few metres away and bending down to reach his boots. He then crouched down beside his Yamaha, holding the right foot peg and bowing his head in a meditative practise for around 10 seconds before hopping on. He calls it ‘speaking with the bike’ and it’s something Giuseppe won’t forget anytime soon.