With many fans expecting the reigning champion take another race victory …

Akhil Krishna: Marquez Vs Everyone ?

Jonas Nilsson: Honda! The power of dreams?

Jo Bates: Can’t wait till next week to see MM93 in action again

Rod Kestle: 96 Marc is a talented freak rider and will go on to win 10 championships

Liran Mizan: Mm93 number 1


Others see potential in the younger competition coming up the ranks.

Tomaš Bonko: I think last year was also last year for Marc as a champion.

Simon Britton: These young riders are awesome and they can only get better.

Das Boot: Marquez reigns supreme at the moment, perhaps another rider can be as consistent in the next few years and the crown will change again.

Sarah Callon: MM93 and other riders are taking racing to new levels. Jack Miller, Fabio etc, racing full stop is amazing.


Most MotoGP enthusiasts aren’t afraid to follow a newer favourite:

Shanty Dewi: I hope Vinales can become a MotoGP world champion this season ??

Heinrich Erasmus: Cant wait for Brad Binder.

Steve Hallam: Jack is back!

Doven Winston Tamayo: 42 have a future for sure will beat them all if he stay in Suzuki

Mike Mackenzie: Fabio ftw

Otty Hamid: Rins is a dragon killer

Fiona Williams: 1. Espargaro 2. Espargaro 3. Who cares ?‍♀️?


Meanwhile some are rooting for the classic GP icons:

Mirce Paunov: Dovi is a great rider, capable to be champion. He just need little luck.

Jack Bradley: Dovi is one of the only other riders on the grid that can hold a light to Marc Marquez..

Dragoș Drumul Taberei: C’mon Vale, show to the rest of the kids, what quality means.

Kailash Jai: 46 will shine coming year



All in all though, most are simply, like us, grateful to have racing return to screens very soon:

Alan Levy: i don’t care – it will just be GREAT to see them back again!

Frank Peloe: Can’t wait for the return of moto gp , Bring it on ???

Aj Aiceme: Full throttle once again, very soon. Yehaa

Oniray Hidemyass: Feeling a different kind of appreciation now for the sport.

Maria Eriksson: The best sport in the world.