With some small glimmers of hope in the world of motorcycle racing, we turn to the fans to see how the unknown future of MotoGP is impacting them. 

Following Carmelo Ezpeleta’s announcement of “between 12 and 16” possible races, many fans are remaining optimistic that some races can still go ahead: 

Dwi Dharma Rah-d: Better than nothing at all ? 

Scott Bridge: I think we will miss out in Australia this year. Oh well, will be happy if we get a few races to watch no matter where they are.  

@mkmackenzie3: Gutted it looks like I won’t be able to have my stag doo at Silverstone this year. But keen for some racing.


But others have been left disheartened, whether from the thought of closed-doors racing…  

Michael McPherson: WWE still performs. I still ride my dirt bike with others. Why can’t you race? Cause government says so? Not very committed to the fans or the sport.  

@KawasakiCw: No point if we can’t go to watch it 

@DarrenJones86: Be lucky if all races aren’t Catalunya, Jerez and Valencia…. 

Annette Hurst: How do we stand for ticket refunds if the races are behind closed doors?? 


…Or with how other aspects of MotoGP fandom has been handled. 

Anni Casey: WHY IS VIDEOPASS BEING OFFERED FOR FREE WHEN FANS HAVE ALREADY PAID Euro120???  Are you going to offer us a refund or at least a discount on next year’s pass? That’s not a good way to treat your loyal fans. 

Jacob Olgreen: I’ve been paying for over a decade and considering cancelling after this year. I didn’t pay for video game streams and paid content given away for free. 

Rhon Dawkins: #MotoGP we need answers 


Most though, are bluntly accepting of the situation. With the series in the hands of an unexpected and unknown virus, they look to 2021 instead. 

Andrew James Clark: Season is over now there can be no 2020 champion. Maybe if they’re lucky they can have a few races to see where the bikes are. There should be no development for next year so rich teams don’t have an advantage over ones that make big losses this year 

Dave Stuart Walsh: There’s more chance that Rossi will jump on a Ducati and win the championship! There is nothing in it for the Spanish government. No fans = no income, no concessions, no hotel income, no tax revenue. Never get a hearing, let alone an agreement. Roll on 2021. 

Scott Bridge: Have only missed one race at Phillip Island , this will probably be the second one , looking forward to next year. ?