With 68 Grand Prix victories and five World Championships to his name, Jorge Lorenzo has had countless career highlights. 

When asked for the best moment of his racing career during his retirement press conference last year, Lorenzo said “It’s very difficult to choose one, because luckily I’ve lived a lot of very good moments. But if I had to choose one, it would be Malaysia 2010.”  

Malaysian GP, 2010 

Lorenzo won his first MotoGP World Championship in 2010, after finishing in third position in Malaysia. His stunning final sector on the Saturday meant he grabbed pole position, helping him to finish in the top 10 needed to win the championship. A milestone that most riders work their whole career up to, Lorenzo said he “achieved the most important title that any rider in the world can achieve. This gave me a lot of freedom, a lot of satisfaction, and I was free, professionally.” 

Portuguese GP, 2008 

Following his MotoGP debut in Qatar, Lorenzo headed to the third race of his first premier class season with an impressive two podium finishes. He claimed his third consecutive pole position before finally transforming it into his first MotoGP race win. Having impressed with several pole positions and wins in the early part of the season, Lorenzo suffered a series of crashes which compromised his overall resultBut in the years to come, he came back stronger as Rossi’s main rival. 

Dutch GP, 2013 

Though the 2013 race at Assen didn’t result in a race victory for Lorenzo, it was arguably one of the races that the Spanish rider will be most remembered for. Referring to the fight and utmost desire that came just 48 hours after breaking his collarbone, Lorenzo said “I did something incredible that shows how the mind can push the body to the limits.” What followed was four-win stint by rookie Marquez, but Lorenzo clinched the title once more at Silverstone by just 0.081 of a seconds, in an all-time classic comeback. 

Italian GP, 2016 

In another one of the closest finishes in premier class history, Lorenzo battled Marquez in an intense last-lap scrap. The two Spaniards threw everything they had towards the finishing line, but in a whirlwind of orange and blue, it was Lorenzo who slipstreamed his way to victory and clinched the title once more. The sixth round of the 2016 season has often been regarded as one the most dramatic finishes of the MotoGP era, settled by a mere 0.019 seconds. 

Valencian GP, 2015 

Iconic from the start, the final race of the 2015 season was the last for tyre supplier Bridgestone, ART and Forward Yamaha bikes. After a court trial involving a Rossi and Márquez clash, The Doctor gained three penalty points and started from last place. The Italian rider needed second place to win the overall title, but it was Lorenzo who came top of the ranks – with the help from fellow SpaniardsMarquez and Pedrosa as buffers. Lorenzo’s final title victory in 2015 remains the only year to date that Marc Marquez was defeated in the premier class.