Marc Marquez continues to make MotoGP history, not only for his records on track, but also for the unique situation that will see him sharing the garage with younger brother, Alex.

The siblings will form a unique team-mate partnership, with a combined ten world titles, if we sum Marc’s 8 titles with Alex’s 2 crowns in Moto3 and Moto2.

Clear roles and responsibilities are key to uphold to help the overall goal of winning races, and the Marquez’s brothers were aligned on this philosophy since day one.

“It will very special to share the garage with my brother.” – Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez confessed he would be in an extraordinary position off-track, “but when we’re on track, I will only have the Moto2 world champion in front of me. We have different targets, and my approach won’t change. The target is to conquer the Triple Crown, and with this, the 9th world title.”

Meanwhile, Alex confessed “It’s a special year for me and joining MotoGP in the reference team for the paddock is a dream come true. We need to remain natural and face the new situation with a normal approach. We are brothers, but inside the team we are two professional riders, each one with his own dream, his own style and working method.”

“For sure, it’s a huge advantage for me to share the garage with a 6-time MotoGP world champion.” – Alex Marquez

“I will have the chance to study his data, understand how he rides the Honda and discover his secrets. I am here to learn as much as possible from Marc and the other Honda riders. My target? Learning the new bike and the new category and being the best Rookie of the year.”

Honda was criticized of signing Alex in November 2019 to secure the future agreement with Marc. But , Honda Team Principal Alberto Puig said surname had no part to play in Alex Marquez’s 2020 Repsol Honda deal, being simply circumstance.

“Any rider who wins a world title deserves this type of opportunity. The only factor here is the surname.” – Alberto Puig

“We are trying to find riders for the future, young generation riders, and out of the circumstances that Jorge decided to stop, it was one-year that was almost ‘lost’. So, we decided to give him this opportunity, based on the fact that he’s the reigning Moto2 world champion, that he is young, and we believe it can be a good opportunity for him”.

It could either be a fairy tale or an unbearable pressure for both riders, especially considering their close relationship. But the two brothers have always supported each other. While Marc has the responsibility for the whole bike development on his shoulder along with the task to defend the Triple Crown, the concern for his younger brother is achieving results and not becoming a source of distraction for Marc.

The RC213 is a difficult and unpredictable bike as Jorge Lorenzo’s disastrous season proved. After a first period of adaptation, Alex could be tempted to push the limits to prove his talent, to show the world that he deserved the Honda seat because of his talent, and not because he is “the brother of”.