Marcel Schrötter looked set to be a true contender for the 2020 Moto2 World Championship with many German MotoGP fans’ hopes riding on him as their future national entry into the premier class. 

The Dynavolt Intact GP rider says he’s still “in good shape and super motivated for the goal of MotoGP” but understandably disappointed about the postponed season.  

“Racing is my life. I’ve never done anything else, so it’s not easy having such a long time without any.”

In good health and training every day, Marcel tells us he’s still able to go for a bike ride and is enjoying the warmer weather. He’s also building a home gym and making the most of something he hasn’t had before – free time. Though difficult at times, he preaches the importance of staying focused and having a clear mind. 

“Try to keep yourself busy with cleaning, learning, building, cooking… I’ve cleaned up my garage, built a little home gym and even started playing Playstation again, which I haven’t done in six years! I’m very lucky to have a little garden, so I can go there to train, relax or cut the grass. 

It’s difficult though, because not everyone has the same options. But I think it’s very important to use this time to disconnect from your usual busy life. Rest your body and mind, now you’ve got the time. And maybe this time will teach you some positive things.” 

“Push the brake pedal and slow things down, because soon the world will go on in high speed again.”

And when his foot is back on the accelerator, Marcel is ready to push himself once more. Though he placed 7th in Qatar and almost achieved a new lap record, Marcel said he was “really disappointed with how things went” during the first event of the season and felt he could’ve performed much better. 

Despite this, he describes Qatar aalways perfect weekend to start the season. Only a little bit strange this year as there were no MotoGP teams around.” But his favourite races of the season are the Americas GP at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin and the German GP at the Sachsenring, where he hopes to do his home fans proud 

“Of course, riding for the German fans is always special for me.”

On moving to the premier class in the future, he simply says I have a goal and that’s MotoGP. I want to continue racing and show teams that I’m good enough. I’m 100% sure I’ll do good on a big bike.” 

We look forward to it, and hope that it’s not long before he is racing again.