We take a look at fans’ thoughts on the 8-time world champion continuing with Repsol Honda Team for the next four years.

Marquez fans or not, many were disappointed when the four-year contract was announced ahead of the 2020 season, and took to a Reddit forum to explain why.

Peterboothvt: “Super disappointed. MM is like a MotoGP savant. The question of GOAT will never end now. Or rather, he’ll never have claim of being the GOAT. With his shoulder, I don’t think he’ll ever ride for another team so we’ll never know if he could hop on another bike and dominate. Can you imagine if he signed with KTM? Or Aprillia? And then WON?!? That’d be something. As it is now, he will be the greatest person to ever ride a Honda.”

Martin675: “Who on earth signs a 4-year deal??? That’s crazy! MM is a smart guy though, and he knows things we don’t. Maybe the era of having to be dominant with more than one factory to be considered a true great or GOAT is over. Maybe it’s been over for a while now.”

shred805: “What a let-down. Thought he was going to jump on a different bike and fulfil his legacy.”

However, some believe that the ‘greatest of all time’ tag shouldn’t be defined by who you ride for and your versatility to adapt, but how well you ride and how many titles you have.

A few supported if not admired the decision, and look forward to seeing Marquez continue with the championship-leading team.

Madmaniusmick1: “Everyone is dogging him for being selfish, but with the current field of bikes getting better and better, the field is closer than ever. If someone waved a 100mil flag in front of you for the next 4 years of your lives, who would say no? No one would!! Good on him, build yourself a comfy life after racing. As for his legacy, it’s going to be unbeatable at this rate.”

Freakmobil: “It’s a master strategy from Honda and Márquez. Márquez can control the bike development to his directions and Honda have the best rider who can win races week in week out. The rest of the field is scrambling to setup bikes and getting in young talent and trying revolutionary things with bikes. It’s going to be a while before they catch up, and by then, Honda would be sitting on a pile of championships and also possibly filled the second seat with the next gen rider for the post – Márquez era.”