If there is someone who can be a strong rival to Marc Marquez in the near future, it is probably Fabio Quartararo. The twenty-year-old Frenchman, with Italian roots, was acclaimed as the “new Marc Marquez” when he joined the Moto3 class at age 15 as a 2-time World Jr. Champion. MotoGP rights holder Dorna even changed the rules so that he could enter the world championship a year earlier than the previous minimum age requirement of 16. At Jerez this year the Yamaha satellite rider became the youngest-ever premier-class pole sitter, eclipsing reigning champion Marc Marquez. Was this a sign of what’s to come?

“When I joined Moto3, I made the mistake to try and follow Marc’s tyre tracks. I was only focused on winning and not learning the bike or the tracks. It was a mistake, and I paid for it. I injured myself, and the results didn’t come. I also struggled more than expected in Moto2, but I learned the lesson. Now I’m focused on learning the new category and, above all, remaining myself” confesses Quartararo, who, during race weekends, is the first to arrive in the garage and the last to leave.

Fabio’s young face and light-hearted attitude hides the “serial winner” instinct: “I have never doubted myself. I was waiting for this moment since I was a kid. When I received the phone call from Yamaha, I knew I couldn’t make mistakes. I’m facing this new chapter as my father taught me: with commitment, but also enjoying myself”.

As all the best riders do, Fabio never complains about the bike, on the contrary he tries to adapt first. If lap times are not coming, he asks, “What can I do to improve?” And, from a fans perspective watching the races, it seems like he’s doing pretty well at finding the answers to that question. Is his next world championship just a matter of time?