As he crossed the finish line, it became clear to MotoGP fans that he’s rewriting the record books. For some, it was a predictable, but disappointing victory:

“Carlos Ruiz Montoya What thrill? What fury? We want real racing: head to head, wheel to wheel, down-to-the-wire racing, with lots of lead changes among the protagonists.”

“Stewart Dickinson Are there any other riders out there? Credit where it’s due but this is becoming tedious. For all you haters desperate to give me a bad time, I don’t support Rossi.”

Chris McGlyn I love Fabio. He has been a revelation this season but I’m sorry, Marc is just playing with him here like a cat with a mouse. He could get past Fabio any time he wanted, but he would rather let Fabio believe he has a chance and then snatch it away at the last minute…because he can. This is the beginning of getting in the head of who he sees as a potential future threat.”

But others branded it competitive, exhilarating and even the best race in MotoGP history:

Kaz Noble I felt for Fabio but great race!”

Pakorn Siriveeraphan What a feeling between two great racing teams!!! ??????”

Évi Éva It was an amazing fight between Fabio and Marc. They both are great riders ??”

RC Rerios Most amazing race to watch, to me the best race ever!”

Bruce Watney They, Dovi, Vinales, Quateraro, all of them tried hard, it was the most exciting season.”

Most though, whether Marquez fans or not, acknowledged the significance of the win with four races left to go:

Ron Walker I have to be honest I am not a MM93 fan but must admit he is a deserved champion. I firmly believe the young FQ is destined to be great also give him time and watch him flourish”

“Judi Smith I’m a die hard Vale fan but I do say MM is a genius rider. Hats off to him. And to all of the haters….. grow up. VR is the G.OA.T. to me and always will be. I don’t like MM but I’m a true supporter of the sport and if you are a true supporter you recognise talent and applaud it.”

Dave Wiltshire To all those dissing Marquez win and title you are not true GP fans. He has had a fantastic season and rewriting record books not far off Rossi and the great Agostini.”

Paul Hughes Wow, just wow. Imagine the feeling of elation, victory and winning on the day you win a world championship. He works so hard for it and you can see what it means. It must be an amazing feeling! Well done Marc, as a Yamaha fan I can only admire and respect what you are doing for the sport ??????”

With just one more world title left to claim to equal the nine world championships of the once dominant Doctor, it seems that Rossi, Marquez and MotoGP fans’ eyes will all be on Marquez next season…